SchindlerAM Ventures was founded as a collective investment firm for entrepreneurs - we invest with the same approach as we did back then.

After tasting the spirit of an idea, thorough due diligence is what keeps us out of hot waters - simply, we invest in the good stuff: companies ripe enough to loosen in volatility, but young enough to deliver disproportionate returns.

Our approach includes entering both during and in between funding rounds, often through shells and subsidiaries. Besides providing companies with funding, we specialize in secondary transactions and special situation financings. Depending on investment size and a venture's stage, we support companies with operational assistance and access to a network of partners.


Having built various companies within the financial and tech sectors, our team is experienced , young enough for an adventure. Sounds very venture.

We are part of the Schindler Asset Management group

VENTURE noun  ven·ture \ˈven(t)-shEr \
"(...) a project or activity which is new, exciting, and difficult because it involves the risk of failure" 
Datastax Logo

Builds always-on data management software based on Apache Cassandra. Clients include Mc Donalds, Netflix and Walmart. 

Carbon 3D Logo
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Development, production and sale of 3D printers and related services - clients include Adidas, Oracle and BMW.

Hypragen Logo

Early pharmaceutical research and development company, focusing on oncologic treatments with

few side effects.

Sonos Logo

Develops and produces intelligent wireless speaker systems that are easy to assemble, extend and control. IPO

Guardant Health Logo
AppNexus Logo

Cloud-based platform allowing agencies, publishers and marketers to manage digital ad campaigns in real time.

Acquired by AT&T

Ople Logo

"Learning to learn to learn" - Ople's AI uses AI to model the behavior of data scientists, resulting in cheaper and more accessible AI.

Acquired by Aktana

Chain Logo

Aids corporations in the creation, backtesting and successful deployment of blockchain infrastructure.

Acquired by Stellar

Betterment Logo

Robo-advisor using AI and algorithms to help people reach personalized investment goals.

Palantir Logo

Big-data analytics company, helping governments and corporations to use their information more efficient and more effective.


Spotify Logo

Music streaming service available for computers and mobile devices. IPO

Ripple Logo

Ripple aims to provide a low-friction opportunity to transfer funds using blockchain technology. 

HIVE Blockchain Logo

State-of-the-art data centers and crypto mining facilities providing high power computing. IPO/RTO

In Stealth

Populus Logo

The market leading data platform for mobility services, processing input from major operators in real time.  


Oncology company that develops biopsy-free tumor sequencing and tracking technologies. IPO

Owns and operates crypto currency mining farms.

Data-driven platform allowing asset managers to create portfolios in line with ethical and environmental requirements.

Dataminr Logo

Analyses data from Twitter and other public sources to provide a real-time detection service for high-impact events. 

Lime Logo

Company working on smart pain relief and sleeping masks that track users' overall state of health. 

Lets users rent bikes, scooters and Segways through a mobile app. Vehicles can be located on an interactive map. 

Develops a sugar-substitute that has almost all characteristics - think sticky, gooey and sweet - of real sugar without the calories.

Using neurofabrics, Siren produces foot monitoring socks for diabetics, measuring temperature while preventing ulcers and injuries. 

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Siren Care Logo
Standard Cognition Logo

Intelligent voice-based conversational agents for automating customer service interaction

Dharma provides its users with a suite of blockchain-based tools for smart contracts, bringing together lenders and borrowers in a secure way.

Acquired by Opensea

Dharma Logo

Building conversational AI that aim to facilitate voice-based ordering processes.
Acquired by McDonald's

Provides web- and app-based stock and crypto trading platforms based

on a freemium model. IPO

Robinhood Logo
Jumbotail Logo

Jumbotail uses modern technology to provide grocery delivery services  and micro-loans to India's network of small stores. 

Senseye works towards a symbiosis between man and machine, using AI and ML to monitor the eye. Already has 99% accuracy in lie detection.

Indigo improves grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through using microbiology and digital tech.

Kea Logo

AI-powered software that helps food delivery services to increase profits by processing call-in orders faster. 

Boom Logo

Develops the next generation of super sonic passenger aircrafts. Pre-orders by JAL, Virgin and others exceed 75 aircrafts.

Drone Seed logo

DroneSeed is making reforestation scalable. First FAA-approved drone swarms for agricultural payloads. 

Biotii Logo.png

Producing cannabinoids without the financial, time, or quality constraints of conventional harvesting. Engineered - not grown. 

JUUL was founded by former smokers, with the goal of improving the lives of the world's one billion smokers.

Juul Logo
Stem Logo
Sana Health Logo
Indigo Logo
Apprente Logo
Genedit Logo

Genedit is developing delivery tech for the CRISPR gene editing system. 

In Stealth

Provider of a new digital employee referral program, allowing companies to hire faster, cheaper and better.

Brainbridge Logo

Developing a pipeline of nano-carrier molecular structures to deliver targeted therapeutics across the blood brain barrier.

Yourchoice Therapheutics

Develops highly-effective, reversible contraceptives with no side-effects for men and women.

Glovo Logo

Glovo brings an on-demand delivery service for everyday goods, giving users access to a variety of stores. 

Amino Therapheutics Logo

Amino Therapheutics aims to tackle challenges before they turn into threats with exclusively licensed gene-editing technology.

Pico Logo

Pico allows online and subscription businesses to harness better client relationships, increasing revenue and retention.

Safe Logo

Bridging the gap between healthcare and tech, allowing users to verify each others' sexual health.


Harnessing the power of location. Bluedot helps companies provide valuable, real-world experiences for app users.


Building digital tools to manage risk and increase efficiency in global commodity markets.



An employee referral platform helping companies hire faster and better. 

scrona logo png.png

Developing an ultrahigh-resolution printing technology that works at a sub-micron level.

Financing cryptocurrency mining operations and building out vertically integrated computing technologies.

In Stealth

Trace Data Logo.png

Monitoring data flows throughout application networks, allowing users to observe and control their data in real-time. 

Acquired by Netskope

Vybe Logo.png

Neobank for Gen Z, providing users with an engaging app and pre-paid Mastercard.